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Ready to publish sales-generating B2B content that your potential customers actually want to read?

“Daniel is a phenomenal writer…a true rockstar!” A. Israni, EU Business School

Dan Mowinski | Writer and content marketer

CASE STUDY: New site with no pre-existing domain authority (DA)

  • 487 top-five rankings
  • 1,381 referring domains (including from WikiHow and Wayfair)
  • Multiple blogging awards (including including two “Best Blog” inclusions on Feedspot)

“Daniel is a real professional. He never stops surprising us, we are hooked!”

Stav Zilbershtein, Former CEO of Sell My App

Ready to launch your content marketing campaign?

Starting out with content marketing is tough.

You don’t have an in-house team or a herculean budget.

You’re also likely worried about how long it will take to see a return on investment.

Oh, and you’re going to be competing with lots of big names.

Sounds like a recipe for failure, doesn’t it?

You’d be forgiven for wanting to stick to good ol’ paid advertising.

Well, hold up for a second.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful B2B startups.

And I’ve learned a raft of tools and strategies to help B2B startups and high-growth companies achieve results fast.

“I highly recommend working with Dan. Always on time, great communication.”

Pawel Ognowski, CEO of Growcode

B2B content marketing at the cutting edge of SEO

My content campaigns are lean, affordable, and designed to deliver results fast. All without sacrificing quality or the long-term viability of your content marketing.

I do this by filling the role of both writer and content marketer.

And because of the type of campaign I specialise in—high-quality bottom-of-the-funnel content—I’m able to bring skills that you would usually have to find elsewhere.

Here’s a quick overview of my process:

1. Growth-Focused Content Calendar

I’ll start by putting together a content calendar filled with high-volume, low-competition bottom-of-funnel keyword opportunities.

This is much more than popping a few seed keywords into Ahrefs. I’ll identify low-hanging fruit, trending topics, news items, viable competitor-based KWs, like “cheaper Ahrefs alternatives” (I promise I’ve not got it in for Ahrefs), and more.

All of this will be in context that fits with the broader personality your brand and your long-term goals.

2. Blog post creation

We’ll then begin producing content that Google loves. I’ll leverage the very latest SEO principles to ensure a veritable array of top-three rankings.

3. Repurposing for social and email

We’ll also repurpose every blog post to create social media content (LinkedIn, Twitt–ahem, X, Threads, etc.) and broadcasts for your email audience.

4. Link building and promotion

We’ll also implement a link-building program. Again, because we specialise in comprehensive campaigns at cost, we’ve developed numerous ways of doing this without the need for an in-house team.

5. Reporting, reporting, reporting

Throughout the whole process, I’ll report clear results: measured in terms of engagement, search rankings, traffic, and sales. Analytics and tracking form the backbone of what I do.

“Really impressed with Dan’s work and approach. Will definitely work with him again and highly recommend Dan.

Sasha Lamachenka, Pandadoc

Start generating sales from thought-leadership content in as little as one week


Authority-building content written by me.

For B2B brands and leaders (CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and the like) that want to drive traffic, build long-term loyalty and position themselves as thought leaders with insightful and useful content.

I specialise in longform B2B content:

  • SEO-focused pillar articles
  • Long-form blog posts (multiple product comparisons, expert roundups, in-depth opinion pieces)
  • White papers
  • Introductory email sequences and courses

My focus is on content with a high degree of human expertise and thought leadership, with AI used to streamline and improve the process where possible.


Ready to implement an iron-cast content marketing plan based that consistently drives organic traffic?

Over the course of a two-hour consulting call, I’ll guide you through a tailored content marketing plan.

“Daniel’s knack for crafting compelling business and technical texts is genuinely remarkable. His attention to detail and deep understanding of our products enabled him to create engaging content that effectively communicated complex ideas.”

Daria Karasek Marketing Manager at Scalac

About Me

So it’s time for the “tell us a little more about yourself” section of the interview?

Ok, here goes… I hail from the rainy city of Manchester in the UK. I was born just outside the Peak District, one of the UK’s biggest national parks (that’s me in the woods below).

I’m also a Buddhist, budding poet and excessive drinker of green tea. I am not a fan of the Oxford comma.

Here are some of the highlights of my writing career

  • Over ten years experience working with software-as-a-service (Saas) and B2B brands.
  • Chief writer for the web’s first dedicated ecommerce conversion blog, Growcode.
  • Top Rated Plus Copywriter on Upwork with 100% positive reviews.

Want to learn more about me and my approach? Hit the button below and let’s talk!

Worst case scenario? We have a great chat about your business and say a friendly goodbye.

Best case? You hit publish on the best content your site’s ever had.

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